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I’ll take it Intravaneously Please…

I set my coffee down on the table in order to help S with a few things and when I returned this is what I found. Imagine my delight, like a message from God or something…”Starbucks, good for what ails you! Let S do what he needs to do. Sit! Imbibe! Forget everything that you have to do before the aunties arrive! You’ve got time!”

Actually, I don’t. The aunties are arriving on Thursday to help celebrate Miss J’s graduation. One from Hawaii and the other from California, bringing a bit of west coast sunshine for Miss J…we’re all very excited! I need to get the guest room ready ‘n alla that but I did want to share a morning cup with you!

Love to all, be good be brave!

*Please note I’m not advertising for Starbucks…I’ll drink anything…really, I’m not that snooty. ;)


The Ever Elusive Smith

I know it seems like I have all sorts of photos showing off Miss J and a scant few of Mr. Smith. Actually, that’s about right. It’s true, I don’t have many photos of Smither in the last three years. I’d say he’s shy but I don’t think that’s it. Could be that I’m the mom/pain in the rump.

After a grueling drive up to Philadelphia on Saturday (and I mean grueling, some genius decided that it was just FINE to have a construction crew working on I-95 during a major holiday weekend. Yeah) we reached Smith’s place beat up and cranky (just me, I was cranky). The dogs were dying of thirst and ready to stretch their legs. Yes, I had the equally genius idea of bringing the dogs along for the ride.

As soon as I unloaded the car with all the goodies I brought for the boy-child I busted out the camera and attempted to take some shots of Smith with his pups. No go. Then I attempted Smith with his sister. Again, no go. Smith with his dad. Nyet. It wasn’t until we sat down for a meal at the wonderfully cool “National Mechanics” bar to meet up with Tristan’s new girlfriend was I able to snap a few BAD ones. But, one bad one is better than nothin’ I always say.

He seems to be very happy with his situation up there although I’m a bit apprehensive about it all. I tell myself constantly that I can no longer coddle him, he isn’t a child. Doesn’t make it any easier. So, we leave soon and he stays on this side of the continent. Scary but there isn’t a thing I can do about it unless I bribe him which wouldn’t work because he’s a fairly stubborn individual. Once he’s made up his mind, that’s it.  He stays, I pray, and hopefully we’ll get together real soon.

Enjoy the week my keiki. Be good, be brave…love to all.

Oh and, FYI, the texture I used on the photo up there I found HERE. Textures by Christie Lacy. Lovely stuff.

My Promise to the AACPL

D-day will hit in about 40 days and then, the family is off in all different directions.
I’m putting on my brave face but really, I’m getting a wee bit anxious. Too much to do. I have to stop going to the library. Because for me it’s, “Hello, I’m Josielle and I’m an addict.” I’m a gluttonous reader. “Just one more” is heard frequently inside my head. Consequently I’m trying to speed read my way through a pile of books that must go back to the library soon. I know, I know, in the past, I’ve been guilty of failing to return books; in my defense the movers packed a couple of photography books from the my last town putting me on a nationwide library most wanted list. But not this time. No, I will FAITHFULLY return each and every book I’ve got on my electronically monitored library card. That includes any movies or cd’s I happen to have. I swear. Honest.

Unfortunately for me I just received Restless Virgins: Love, Sex, and Survival at a New England Prep School by Abigail Jones and Marissa Miley. I say unfortunately because it’s a fascinating book and I’m having a hard time putting it down in order to do things I need to do before we leave. I can’t multi-task and read at the same time. I’m not that good. So THANKS Chris Abraham for the recommendation. Actually, I’m being serious, thanks Chris, it’s a good find.

Between my reading addiction and the new camera (which I just had to throw in here because I took a picture of Ms Jones’ book; I’m having fun playing with all the doohickeys on this thing) I’m struggling with major procrastination issues.

Anyhoo, I must make it look like I’ve done something today other than satisfy my very selfish desire. I must go fix some dinner. I’ll saute something and read at the same time. I can do that.

Enjoy your evening my keiki, love to all, be good, be brave.

I’mma Lazy Girl

This is what I do when I procrastinate.

I downloaded a 30 day trial for the Photoshop Elements 6. I’m lovin’ it to death. And now, I must go do those dreaded household chores before I sit down to work on “important” legal stuff.

I’d rather play.

Enjoy your day my keiki~ Be good, be brave. Love ya!

Sacred Life Sunday

It was a rainy afternoon but that did not dampen my spirits. I’ve loved baseball my entire life, I’d watch it in any weather. Today was no exception. My friends thoughtfully invited me to share their box seats on the third base line. It was an afternoon filled with laughter and unabashed screaming for the team. Spending time with friends, enjoying a shared love of the game…absolutely sacred.

Happy Birthday My Boy-Child

He turns 21 today. My little boy, my babe, my son. Twenty-one years ago today I was pacing the floors at the Virginia Mason hospital in Seattle waiting for this child to “hurry up and get here already!” It took thirty-six hours of labor for that kid to make an appearance. Thirty-six hours and a c-section. My wonderful, big-headed little baby.

The doctor pulled him from my body, cradled him in her arms and said, “It’s a Tristan! Why hello Tris!” We tried calling him Tris but it just didn’t work for me. No, he wasn’t a Tris, he was more of a Smith which is what we called him in utero. Smith, Smither, Mr. Smith, we alternated between that and T.S. Noisemaker. He had a powerful set of lungs as a baby.

I don’t think too much about the negative aspects of being a new mom like the colic he suffered or the horrendous time I had with breastfeeding. I remember being a new mother was harder than I had anticipated. I also remember being on the ferry to Seattle one day, feeling horribly tired following a long night and thinking, if I were a weak woman I could toss this squalling child into the brink and have my life back. It was a fleeting moment but yeah, I thought it.

No, what I do like to remember is the fact that he was a sweet baby, a cuddle bug, a lovey-child and I loved to hold him, to squeeze him and to revel in the fact that I was this babe’s mother. I loved it. I was in awe and in love and it is those times I think about when I look at him in all his glorious, uh, tattooness. Because, really, that sweet baby, that cuddle bug, that lovey-child is still there. He’s a sweet, loving man in spite of the tats, piercings and wacky lifestyle. He’s still Mr. Smith only taller.

So, Mr. Smith, I’m not trying to embarrass you on your 21st birthday, there are 364 other days in which I can do that. Today I’m  wishing you the happiest of birthdays and wishing you were here so I could just squeeze you!

I Love you more than there are stars in the sky Smither.

Poodle Head

Yesterday’s new cut rendered me a poodle head. Send product quick! Actually, there isn’t enough product in the world to tame this mop.

Aren’t you guys happy I bought the new camera?! Admit it, you are….

She’s so incorrigible. Okay I’m stopping now. Enjoy the day my keiki, love to all.