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Er, Aloha!

This is how I spend my time…

I’m sharing Dad’s computer these days with my 17 year old French relative which is why I’m just a blip in cyberspace these days.  I have to say, a teen is a teen is a teen.  Stays up late, sleeps in, hangs with pals on the computer; French teen vs. American teen, there is no difference.

Tomorrow Thibauld takes a jet plane to California to stay with Miss J.  Should be interesting!  He’s excited to see San Francisco and she’s happy to meet a cousin her own age.  Works for both of them. Me, I’m hangin’ out with the dogs, reading the paper every day and wondering how I can organize my dad without offending him.  Not that he would mind, it’s just that he’s got a TON of interests and consequently, tons of “stuff”.  Did I mention the two dairy goats?!

Writing here is sporatic and probably will be until I get settled in South America.  I’ll add things to the blog if ever there’s an interesting story to tell. Promise. Until then my keiki…I’ll try to upload pictures instead.

Sending you as much love as my dad has stuff in his basement. (it’s TONS my keiki, TONS!)  Be good, be brave.


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