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Oh the Drama!

As I sit here in my brother’s lovely house contemplating the past week or so, I’m smiling to myself because I can’t think of anything quite like the experience we’re going through. Well, yes I can but that’s another Oprah and I’ll write that story on my death-bed. Anyway.

It might be easier for me to break it down like so:

    Top Ten Mishaps in Our Move to South America

10. The moving company shows up with one driver and one other employee to pack & move a 3600 sq. ft. house.
9. The household goods were split into three sections, 1)things to go to SA, 2) things to go into storage, 3) things to take to California & beyond. I meticulously wrote my own version of “Moving Household Goods for Dummies” so I wasn’t prepared for some things to be misplaced, left behind or hidden in spots unknown by “who-knows-who” leaving me with extra stuff and no place to put it.
8. The dogs were freakin’ out by the third day of having their household disrupted. It wasn’t pretty.
7. Once the movers left with our final shipment, we readied ourselves for the race to the west coast to make the CSUMB orientation date. Couldn’t find a THING regarding her orientation paperwork, musta been packed with the storage shipment. Typical.
6. After the third & final day of the “move” we slept on the floor of the house, needing to get up at o-dark thirty to drive an hour to Dulles while BWI is just 25 mins from the house. Genius. I’m just sayin’.
5. The girl-child, not anticipating the incredibly hard break-up from her boyfriend, cried from our driveway in MD to the tarmac at the Oakland, CA airport. Needless to say, I cried in empathy.
4. Smooth sailing until S & I showed up at the Oakland airport for our return trip to MD. Turned out we were a day early thereby screwing our entire time-line for the trek out to WA state by car. We were messed up, our tenants’ plans to move into the house were messed up & we had to regroup, after I gained control of my anger that is.
3. Finally we piled our things into the car, dogs ‘n all. Turns out we had too much stuff! I had to send boxes via the USPS in order to make room in the car for everything. Had the movers taken everything I meant to send to SA, this step would not have been necessary. I’m teaching myself to let it go…just let it go.
2. Trekking out on I-70 through PA, IN, IL, KS….all fine and good. We hit CO, stopped to visit with my brother. His personal circumstances are a bit kapakahi these days so we were careful to be as unobtrusive as possible, what with two dogs, one weighing 116 lbs ‘n all. Little brother’s house is BEAUTIFUL and dog-free…consequently I feel like Cousin Eddy from Christmas Vacation. It’s like trying to contain a tornado. Not fun.

And the number one Mishap in our move to South America:

1. After having a nice visit with little bro, we tried to start the car. There was a terrible crunching sound and then nothing. Couldn’t get into gear, couldn’t do anything, the car is out of commission and we’re out $$$$, not to mention the restrictive time line in which we need to get to the west coast. I’m supposed to be learning something, I know, but what? Patience? Perseverance? A comical sense of the universe? Dunno.

As I sit here I’m trying to keep the dogs off my sister-in-law’s carpet while writing my post. The Tour is on in the background, S is forcing me to listen to Phil Legget yet another year. (The guy should retire already. Honestly.) I’m contemplating running away again, I have a healthy fantasy life. I’m planning it right down to the kind of Mohito I’ll be drinking as I sit on the beach being pampered by a beautiful island man. It’s gonna be great.

Until next time my keiki, love to all, be good. Be brave.


4 Responses

  1. Wow, what an adventure!

  2. Always. And that’s fine. :)

  3. Good times!

  4. No kidding. ;) In years to come I’ll laugh. Heh.

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