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I’ll take it Intravaneously Please…

I set my coffee down on the table in order to help S with a few things and when I returned this is what I found. Imagine my delight, like a message from God or something…”Starbucks, good for what ails you! Let S do what he needs to do. Sit! Imbibe! Forget everything that you have to do before the aunties arrive! You’ve got time!”

Actually, I don’t. The aunties are arriving on Thursday to help celebrate Miss J’s graduation. One from Hawaii and the other from California, bringing a bit of west coast sunshine for Miss J…we’re all very excited! I need to get the guest room ready ‘n alla that but I did want to share a morning cup with you!

Love to all, be good be brave!

*Please note I’m not advertising for Starbucks…I’ll drink anything…really, I’m not that snooty. ;)


3 Responses

  1. Ooooh! How cool! The analytic in me wants to figure out how it works but the artist overruled her and told her to just enjoy the photograph for what it is.

  2. Actually there isn’t anything spectacular about it, the sun was shining through the French doors & on through the etching on the Starbucks cup. What WAS spectacular was the fact that I stood on S’s precious coffee table to take the shot; I had the telephoto lens on the camera and I didn’t want to take the time to change lenses. ;) Don’t tell S…


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