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The Ever Elusive Smith

I know it seems like I have all sorts of photos showing off Miss J and a scant few of Mr. Smith. Actually, that’s about right. It’s true, I don’t have many photos of Smither in the last three years. I’d say he’s shy but I don’t think that’s it. Could be that I’m the mom/pain in the rump.

After a grueling drive up to Philadelphia on Saturday (and I mean grueling, some genius decided that it was just FINE to have a construction crew working on I-95 during a major holiday weekend. Yeah) we reached Smith’s place beat up and cranky (just me, I was cranky). The dogs were dying of thirst and ready to stretch their legs. Yes, I had the equally genius idea of bringing the dogs along for the ride.

As soon as I unloaded the car with all the goodies I brought for the boy-child I busted out the camera and attempted to take some shots of Smith with his pups. No go. Then I attempted Smith with his sister. Again, no go. Smith with his dad. Nyet. It wasn’t until we sat down for a meal at the wonderfully cool “National Mechanics” bar to meet up with Tristan’s new girlfriend was I able to snap a few BAD ones. But, one bad one is better than nothin’ I always say.

He seems to be very happy with his situation up there although I’m a bit apprehensive about it all. I tell myself constantly that I can no longer coddle him, he isn’t a child. Doesn’t make it any easier. So, we leave soon and he stays on this side of the continent. Scary but there isn’t a thing I can do about it unless I bribe him which wouldn’t work because he’s a fairly stubborn individual. Once he’s made up his mind, that’s it.  He stays, I pray, and hopefully we’ll get together real soon.

Enjoy the week my keiki. Be good, be brave…love to all.

Oh and, FYI, the texture I used on the photo up there I found HERE. Textures by Christie Lacy. Lovely stuff.


2 Responses

  1. Never been to National Mechanics, we need a new place to go, would you recommend it?

  2. I would recommend it for the ambiance. I did enjoy the veggie burger but S didn’t think his dish was that great. If you go, ask for Annie.Tristan’s girlfriend, cute little blonde bartender. She’s a sweetie, and from what I understand, a good bartender.

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