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My Promise to the AACPL

D-day will hit in about 40 days and then, the family is off in all different directions.
I’m putting on my brave face but really, I’m getting a wee bit anxious. Too much to do. I have to stop going to the library. Because for me it’s, “Hello, I’m Josielle and I’m an addict.” I’m a gluttonous reader. “Just one more” is heard frequently inside my head. Consequently I’m trying to speed read my way through a pile of books that must go back to the library soon. I know, I know, in the past, I’ve been guilty of failing to return books; in my defense the movers packed a couple of photography books from the my last town putting me on a nationwide library most wanted list. But not this time. No, I will FAITHFULLY return each and every book I’ve got on my electronically monitored library card. That includes any movies or cd’s I happen to have. I swear. Honest.

Unfortunately for me I just received Restless Virgins: Love, Sex, and Survival at a New England Prep School by Abigail Jones and Marissa Miley. I say unfortunately because it’s a fascinating book and I’m having a hard time putting it down in order to do things I need to do before we leave. I can’t multi-task and read at the same time. I’m not that good. So THANKS Chris Abraham for the recommendation. Actually, I’m being serious, thanks Chris, it’s a good find.

Between my reading addiction and the new camera (which I just had to throw in here because I took a picture of Ms Jones’ book; I’m having fun playing with all the doohickeys on this thing) I’m struggling with major procrastination issues.

Anyhoo, I must make it look like I’ve done something today other than satisfy my very selfish desire. I must go fix some dinner. I’ll saute something and read at the same time. I can do that.

Enjoy your evening my keiki, love to all, be good, be brave.


2 Responses

  1. […] goodness! I got a shout out from the lovely Josielle over at her blog, Oui Ma Fifi, about a book I recommended by my friend Abigail Jones, Restless Virgins: Love, Sex, and Survival […]

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Meritoriousness

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