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Happy Birthday My Boy-Child

He turns 21 today. My little boy, my babe, my son. Twenty-one years ago today I was pacing the floors at the Virginia Mason hospital in Seattle waiting for this child to “hurry up and get here already!” It took thirty-six hours of labor for that kid to make an appearance. Thirty-six hours and a c-section. My wonderful, big-headed little baby.

The doctor pulled him from my body, cradled him in her arms and said, “It’s a Tristan! Why hello Tris!” We tried calling him Tris but it just didn’t work for me. No, he wasn’t a Tris, he was more of a Smith which is what we called him in utero. Smith, Smither, Mr. Smith, we alternated between that and T.S. Noisemaker. He had a powerful set of lungs as a baby.

I don’t think too much about the negative aspects of being a new mom like the colic he suffered or the horrendous time I had with breastfeeding. I remember being a new mother was harder than I had anticipated. I also remember being on the ferry to Seattle one day, feeling horribly tired following a long night and thinking, if I were a weak woman I could toss this squalling child into the brink and have my life back. It was a fleeting moment but yeah, I thought it.

No, what I do like to remember is the fact that he was a sweet baby, a cuddle bug, a lovey-child and I loved to hold him, to squeeze him and to revel in the fact that I was this babe’s mother. I loved it. I was in awe and in love and it is those times I think about when I look at him in all his glorious, uh, tattooness. Because, really, that sweet baby, that cuddle bug, that lovey-child is still there. He’s a sweet, loving man in spite of the tats, piercings and wacky lifestyle. He’s still Mr. Smith only taller.

So, Mr. Smith, I’m not trying to embarrass you on your 21st birthday, there are 364 other days in which I can do that. Today I’m  wishing you the happiest of birthdays and wishing you were here so I could just squeeze you!

I Love you more than there are stars in the sky Smither.


2 Responses

  1. in a related story, dre’s sister is dating a guy who a) is completely sleeved, b) has double zero gagued ears, you know – the kind you can put a carrot through… and c) owns a bar called ‘saints and sinners.

    despite all of that, he is the lovliest, most incredible man i think i have ever met. he has surpassed me to become the family’s favorite ‘in law.’ who’da thunk it.

    tell smither happy birthday if you have a chance. i can’t get on myspace at work, or i would send him love.

  2. I’ll let him know. :)

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