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Aloha “ouch” Friday

This post will be short as my left index finger is still sore. What happened you ask? Yes you did, you asked. Well. Wednesday afternoon I hurried when I should taken my sweet-bippy time. Rotary cutter in my right hand, I zipped when I should have carefully rolled. I zipped across my left index finger taking off a 1/4 inch slice of finger and nail. Brilliant. I thought, look at all that blood near my material. Crap. Then I thought about my deformed finger and how I should probably look for the little piece. I then called for J to get my Kaiser card and started laughing. What else could I do? It hurt like a _______ (insert any expletive, I used them all).

Miss J was afraid to leave me alone yesterday, “What if you need me to drive you to emergency?” Squirmish little thing. I’ve probably scarred her for life. As I look at my finger today it doesn’t look so bad and it’ll probably heal fine but the killer? I wasn’t able to clear all the blood out of my fabric. That piques me. Puis nez.

Duke Ellington-Happy Anatomy

I wish for you, my keiki, a smooth weekend starting with a wonderful Aloha Friday. Me, I’m hiding all the sharp objects. Love to all. Be good, be brave.


2 Responses

  1. Joelle,

    Perhaps gardening gloves while you rotary cut??

    Ouch is right!

    Hope it heals quickly…in the meanwhile…stick to scissors!

  2. Loretta,

    Ha! :) I’m thinking full body armor is in order. I’d probably stab myself with scissors. It’s always something. ;)

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