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I know this is crass, juvenile and most certainly beneath me BUT….I’ve created an award for those very special people who are mired in a heavy pile of uh, self-absorption.

To the guy who continues to walk his dog Fluffy on the berm behind my house thereby making my dogs and those of my neighbor go nuts. I can’t tell you how amusing it was to hear this exchange between you and my husband over the fence!   “Hey! Can you walk your dog on the SIDEWALK?!”  “Shut-up! I can walk my dog WHERE I WANT TO!”  “You’re making all the dogs bark!”  “SO WHAT!” (I cleaned it up a bit)  I won’t disclose what followed because I don’t want to make my readership blush.  Although, I have to admire both you and my husband…I was NEVER so proud of your gender as I was at that moment.

Because you have performed your dog-walking duties with such diligence, discipline and dedication not to mention without any recognition for so long-it’s been about a year and not ONE word from your public- I am presenting, to you, the 1st annual, “Big Pile of Poo” award which you so richly deserve! Bravo!

Oh and, please forgive my husband for telling you to quit hiding behind Fluffy but you know, he felt you had that coming considering you threatened to use Fluffy as a weapon.   Actually, I’m thinking a portion of this award should go to my husband as well….he had some fairly creative words for you.

Men, puh, unbelievable.


5 Responses

  1. So is Fluffy a pit bull because otherwise? That’s pathetic.

  2. “Fluffy” is a cute, happy Akita. He just wants to play. S wants to rescue him from his ridiculous owner.

  3. The clueless/thoughtless never cease to amaze me.

  4. Lol, you made me laugh with this post . =)
    I quite adore your style of writing. (Oh I’m just some random passer-by)

  5. @bazl- I know. How can he NOT hear the commotion he causes? He knows, he just doesn’t care.

    @gallimaufries- thank you for your kind words. :)

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