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Buried Treasure

In an attempt to catalog my entire music library I came across a CD I burned many years ago. I was thrilled to find it as it contains my favorite Sunday morning tunes. You know, tunes you listen to while having coffee and reading the Sunday paper, maybe nibbling on a croissant or two. Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman, Chet Baker and my fave….Country Comfort. Not the booze, the local island band I once listened to when I was the age of the girl-child. (Hawaii Nei) I don’t remember how I initially found them in digital form but I’m happy I did. I still have the vinyl copy as well as vinyls of all the others you see there in the afore-highlighted link. I no longer have my LP stereo system (although I wish I did) so I went to the local Michaels and bought some album cover frames and plastered them all over my office; I have a serious shrine to Hawaiian music in here. With the convenience of iTunes I can, once again, enjoy the music of my youth….happy, happy joy, joy as one of my BFFs would say. I love when this happens, it’s like finding money in a coat that you haven’t worn in ages. Simple pleasures.

This isn’t a great recording of the tune but I’m sharing it anyway….I love it.

Waimanalo Blues– Country Comfort

Enjoy the simple pleasures of your day my keiki! Love to all.


3 Responses

  1. Do you mean Southern Comfort? :D

  2. ha! n’deed I do! country, southern, means the same thing to me. ;) you don’t drink that stuff! you shouldn’t know about that! ;) i’m a tea drinker myself…. pppfffttt……

  3. Oh SoCo is disgusting. I NEVER drink the stuff.



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