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I Can’t Help Myself

I’m fickle. I know it. Maybe I should call the blog, “Changes”, or, “ADD Girl”. Ah well…c’est ça.  Another blog banner.

Not much to say except, things are rolling along, closer to the deadline, closer to the moving headaches, and closer to the girl-child’s graduation when she expects to have the opportunity to head up to beach week…and I’mma sayin’, “Sorry little girl.” Now, if she said, “Hey mom! I’d like to spend a week up in New York City with you for my senior trip!” I’d say, “Great, let’s go!” But beach week? Think debauchery. Not on her part but, I’ve heard stories.

I’m trying to think back….nope, didn’t happen, there was no such thing as senior beach week when I was a senior. Yes I know, every day was senior beach week for some considering the location but not for me and don’t bother asking Maude, she’ll just tell you I was a nerd. Which, I was.

Now, I’d consider having a beach week back home if I could afford it. That’d be fine. However, I know the point is to get away from the parentals so beach week with me, even in Hawaii, wouldn’t cut it. Perhaps I could do beach week myself!

Okay, I’m going to think about the possibilities.

Be good, be brave.

Listening to: Timmy Curran – Blue Eyes


6 Responses

  1. Love the new banner.

  2. thanks miss marilyn. i’m really trying hard to do the “creative everyday thing.

  3. ahhhhhhh, beach week sounds like the perfect thing for me right now in the middle of this disgustingly ugly time of year. I’m so cold and tired I could cry.

  4. there was a moment there when the weather was perfect, spring-like and pleasant. i blinked and it was gone. ;) beach week would be the perfect thing, i agree. :)

  5. Let’s not discount debauchery – it’s very fulfilling!


    A trip to NYC would be cool – I’ll meet you with my 16 y.o.

    Didn’t realize you had a new blog. So glad you wrote!

  6. knew there is a reason I liked you without ever meeting you. ;) Debauchery….hee!

    I think a trip to NYC would work wonders on my peri-menopausal self. I’ll have to work hard to make it happen. ;) Meeting you and your daughter would be the icing on the cake!

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