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Aloha Friday


Aloha Friday. Finally. This week has been somewhat sucky. I’ll spare you from the bitchin’ and moaning and in doing so maybe it’ll all go away. Anyhoo….this is the birthday card I made for Miss J yesterday. Seeing it on the laptop gives it a different perspective, one which suggests teeny sperm flying through the air. I’d like to say… they’re not sperm, they’re balloons. Heh. I’m having a hard time with the muse lately. She doesn’t like it when I push her everyday. This is what happens when I do. Flying sperm.

In other news, I’ll be soooo happy when S’s Spanish class is over. You can cut the tension around here with a knife. That coupled with all the senioritis stuff Miss J is going through makes me want to drop everything and run away to India to join an ashram. I could. Honestly. Okay so I watched Darshan: The Embrace yesterday and got the idea. I’ve been to India. It’s not so bad. And I can so see myself in a sari. Free flowing and light. Sounds perfect.

S & I met with a property management company the other day. We’ve elected to rent the house as the market is not the best. I’m not thrilled with the prospect but it is what it is. There’s no getting around it. We have two months to get things in order before we vacate and head back to the west coast. I’m not nearly as ready as I need to be. I worry about the dogs, I worry about the kids and I worry about logistics. Makes me dizzy to think about it all.

Ah well. Happy Aloha Friday my keiki. Have a wonderful weekend, be good, be brave.

Listening to:
Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello – God Give Me Strength


2 Responses

  1. Wait…wha…what did I miss?? I thought you were headed to South America! You’re headed HERE?!?

  2. you didn’t miss anything, my blogging is hit and miss these days. we are headed to south america at least S is. i’m hanging back in order to get the kiddos settled and they’re both heading back to CA. i’ve had numerous offers to stay in CA while the man does his thing in the wilds. apparently there isn’t one person in my life who believes i should live there right now.

    i’ll get there, i just need to make sure the babes are okay before i leave.

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