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There Are Days When You Wonder “Where Did That Cutie-Pie Go?!”

I’ve been going through old photographs for a project I’m working on. Next week Miss J turns 18 and in two months, Smith turns 21. Milestones in anyone’s life. If you’re under twenty-five that is. So anyway, I found some great shots of the babes when they were babes. As I’m tripping down memory lane my soon-to-be-21 son waltzes in. He’s altered his appearance in yet another “screw-the-mainstream” way. I want to throttle him.

In examining my feelings I’ve decided I’m really angry with him so I’m keeping my distance in order to keep the peace. It isn’t the best day for him to show me how he can do this stuff to himself and that he no longer needs my permission to do it. I’m looking at the baby/toddler years and wishing I could get a “do-over”. I mean, look at these photos! He was a lovey! He’s still a lovey but these days I have to don a blindfold to give him a hug. *sigh*


You can see he once listened to me with a smile. That’s a distant memory too… ah well. I’ll get over it.

Love to all. Be good. Be brave.

Listening to: Amilia K. Spicer – Only Love Can Break Your Heart


8 Responses

  1. I love those photos, they are so… you. :) Your hair is AMAZING.

  2. Thank you missy! Those were good times. :)

    My hair. Wild and unmanageable then, wild and unmanageable now-only now there are a few unmanageable grey strands as well. Lion’s mane Miss J calls it and because she does so, I think she should get me a free cut and highlight at her place of employment. The punk. :)

  3. He was a cutie pie! As were/are YOU. ;)

  4. Thanks Miss Marilyn. :) I try to remind myself that he’s still the same child and not a pod person. ;)

  5. Great photos.

    I’m nosey, what did he do? (You’re so cryptic but make it sound so interesting.) I’m thinking that he certainly doesn’t sound boring – not a run of the mill, dime a dozen automaton that runs so rampant across this land. Nothing worse than a beige person, yawn.

  6. He’s definitely not beige. He’s kinda pink, with blue, green and black drawings on his arms, neck and other parts. One forearm is completely black from the elbow to the top of his hand. Then there are the piercings. I’ll start with the ears. He sports large holes in both lobes, when he wears plugs it doesn’t bother me so much. When he wears the rings and I can see the person standing behind him through the holes, I want to cry. His nose is pierced in two places. Thankfully he had to take out the cheek piercings, they became infected. He came home the other day with two new piercings in his ear cartilage with plugs. I forget what he called that. I was just getting used to the ear plugs.
    It hurts to look at him. ;)

  7. Oof, that’s a lot, I don’t think I could handle that very well, it really must be difficult. He’s such a good looking kid too, I suppose it wouldn’t be any worse if he was ugly to begin with, I don’t know, it must be a deep-seated prejudice or something. I have to admit, those ear plug things are hard to look at, I don’t understand the appeal.

  8. I don’t either. Maybe he’s living out a past life as a member of the Ecuadorian Waodani tribe.

    It was ALL fun and games when his uncle the Colonel was here last month. Although, the Colonel was more upset about Smith’s smoking than all the body modification. That just goes without saying.

    I don’t get any of it.

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