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Bad Girlie. Bad.

I’m supposed to be lying down taking it easy but I figured playing around with my header banner is the same thing as taking it easy.  It’s only an ear infection and I’ve been walking around with the infection for over a week.  The fever will go away as soon as the antibiotics kick in.  Should be fine.

I’m sure I’ll change the banner again….I need lots of “taking it easy”.

Enjoy the day my keiki….love to all.

Listening to: Joan Armatrading – Something’s Gotta Blow


2 Responses

  1. Oh! LOVE it. Totally worth the being bad. Bad, but oh so good.

    And feel you on the ear infection, I have one that is so deep I’m on steroids and it’s going to take 3-4 weeks to clear up. In the mean time I have nausea and vertigo! WEE!

  2. Thank you Miss Claire. :)

    Three to four weeks? Ack! I’m a basket case after two…
    The vertigo thing sucks rocks doesn’t it. :)

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