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Aloha Friday

While there’s a lot of Aloha going around the house today, I’m suffering from some residual black cloud left hanging around from I don’t know where. This week my Dell took a dive, taking down a cache of photos I had yet to back up to my external hard drive. I’m sobbing as I type.

Being the naughty girl that I am, I’ve been reading my email the quick and dirty way by piggy-backing off of a neighbor’s unsecured wireless connection. Until today anyway. Now I’ve got the laptop hooked up to the way God & Comcast intended.

I’m really, really tired of dealing with menehunes.

I’ve made a list of the pros and cons of buying a new desktop because if I were to look at things honestly, I don’t really NEED a new desktop. Little brother says I should go ahead and get a new one, S says I don’t need to because I’ve got this wonderful laptop but “I” say I’m selfish and I don’t want to share this computer with

Mr. “How-does-this-work-why-can’t-I-click-on-this?!”. The little voice in the back of my brain is accusing S of clicking on something he shouldn’t have thereby frying my motherboard. I know, that’s a little extreme and I know it isn’t true but I gotta blame something! Anyway.

Little brother left yesterday and we were all sad to see him go. The kids especially. After the initial shock at seeing his nephew all tattooed up accented by some lovely piercings, the Colonel seemed to accept Smith for who he is. There were, of course, the required lectures but Smith is a pro at blocking out listening to parentals. No harm, no foul. The kids have always been close to their uncle. I sent the Colonel off with a bunch of gifts, yesterday being the 4th birthday of his youngest. At one time I’d get photographs of the occasion but considering my SIL is suffering from something beyond my comprehension, I’m fairly certain I won’t be seeing how cute Miss Olivia looks in the little pink tutu I sent along. Ah well.

I’m headed off for a run with the dogs. I’ll mull over whether to buy a new desktop and perhaps I’ll have a nice glass of wine upon my return. Should be fine.

Love to all my keiki. Be good, be brave! P.S. Send good juju my way, maybe the desktop will come alive.

The Fugees- Stayin’ Alive


3 Responses

  1. Ach, the hard drive crashing – that blows! It reminds me I haven’t backed mine up in awhile, I’d be devastated to lose all my latest photos.

    Had to look up menehune, and if they look like this picture, I think I have one living in my house.

  2. ha! if menehunes looked like that i could tolerate the mischief. ;) how is that adorable boy of yours anyway?!

  3. I feel your pain…that happened to our laptop a couple of years ago. You’d think we’d have learned our lesson…although we have yet to backup our files on the ‘new’ Dell. Thanks for the reminder.

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