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The Lost Art Of Multitasking.

At one time I thought I was pretty darn good at multitasking. I could take on a bunch of stuff at once without blinking an eye. Maybe it’s age, maybe I’m just tired of being schizo. The ADD thing isn’t working for me anymore.

The first thing to go was the blogging. So, uh, sorry my friends. I miss you all but I can’t type and clean out a basement at the same time ANYmore. The reflexes are shot.

I’ve been hyperventilating lately, anxiety attacks come frequently because a) I’m a control freak, b) I haven’t been able to make things happen smoothly & c) I have to deal with S’s super strong personality and he has his own ideas on how things should go. Now that he’s home more often his presence poses a problem. “Actually S, the dogs don’t care that their leashes are easily accessible here by the front door because it’s easier for you that way. The leashes go in the laundry room thank you very much.” We’re like two little kids with the bickering. “I think the dogs want you to put your size 13 shoes in the closet, they’ve been tripping over those boats on the way to the water dish.”

My household engineering skills need a little tweak. I can’t keep up with everyone.

I’ve been cleaning out the basement, separating things that I know I won’t need overseas, boxing up my art supplies, going through boxes of “stuff”. Being the sentimental person I am, I’ve got tons of “stuff”. I also have tons of fabric which, after finding a box of some fantastic fabric I had forgotten I had, called to me like a siren, called to me to start yet another quilt I know I may not finish. As usual. But, as I told myself, I’m creating everyday so it’s all good. But it isn’t really, I don’t have time for that in all honesty.

I then moved on to cataloging my extensive music library trying to figure out if I’ve got copies of everything. That in itself took a couple of days. And I felt guilty about it because it wasn’t “cleaning” or “cooking” or any other household engineering task.

My woes go on and on and I really don’t have the time to write, I feel like a bad girl right now as it is. So here is the news real fast:

Younger brother is arriving tomorrow to attend some meetings at the Pentagon. He’ll be staying with us for a week. The girl-child was accepted to her college of choice this week, the boy-child is fine, working hard and thinking about attending business classes at the JC, Chico Esquela is studying hard, has good days, has bad days and the world keeps on spinning.

Me, I’m still trying to get over the fact that the girl-child walked in on S and I in the middle of an intimate moment. I don’t know who’s more embarrassed about that but obsessing about it keeps my mind off other, more important stuff I have to think about. Works for me.

I’d like to wish everyone a good day, good week, good month (in case I can’t get back on this thing for a while) and lots of love.
Muchos besos my keiki. Be good, be brave.

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3 Responses

  1. The best part of this post? The “intimate moment”…because if you’re finding time for THAT in the midst of all of that crazy sorting and multi-tasking…then life is good indeed. ;) Glad you surfaced. I’ll be here when you find a moment to do it again. ;) xoxo

  2. I’d never peg you for a panic attacker. Seriously, you always come across as so inhumanly serene to me. :)

  3. Marilyn: Well, you know, I’d probably go completely insane without THAT. ;) You’re such a sweetie.

    Claire: ha! Inhumanly serene…yes, there I am, sitting on a lotus blossom in a perfect pose. Ah if it were only true. *sigh*

    I’d suffer less if the man would just stay out of my way and let me control the house and everything in it. He hears,”You’re not the boss of me.” alla the time. Poor guy.

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