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Aloha Friday

Recap…of sorts.

This week I:

Took charge and contacted the high school counselor regarding J’s college apps;

Sat in a meeting with said counselor and J and watched it fall apart faster than you could say, “Food Fight!” J broke down and sobbed for a while, I’m still not certain why other than the fact that her father and I might be pushing her too much as far as college goes;

Argued with S;

Threatened to let the dogs play in the street by themselves;

Had a lovely anniversary dinner at our favorite sushi place;

Threatened Georgie with a trip out to visit Cesar Milan for some discipline;

Finished reading “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert;

Got on my high horse once or twice;

Wished I could travel to Italy, India, and Indonesia by myself to find my spiritual balance;

Knew that it would prove fruitless to do that because I’ve got a long way to go to reach an understanding with my spiritual side;

And spoke with my younger brother.

I’m thinking I’d better get going on that volunteer thing I’ve been meaning to do, my days aren’t very productive.   I’m tired, I’m antsy, and I’m feeling all out of sorts.  It’s bothersome.

Today’s Photo Friday challenge is called “Disaster”  maybe I’ll head into DC and try to find ol GW for a photo.  *sigh*  See what I mean?!  Out of sorts.

Aloha my keiki…enjoy the day, be good, be brave.


4 Responses

  1. I know that ‘out of sorts’ place…and when I’m there, I take comfort in the fact that (eventually) it goes away. xoxo

  2. Thanks Marilyn. I’m hoping. ;)

  3. how was eat, pray, love, anyway? i’m told i should read it… ?

  4. I enjoyed reading “Eat, Pray, Love.” The book was articulate, witty, and thought provoking in a not-too-preachy way. I hesitated to read it because I’ve got this thing about following a crowd but I’m glad I took the time. She made some valid points about her/our place in the world.

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