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The other day Marilyn at The Land of Moo gave me a “You’ve Made My Day” award and I haven’t properly thanked her for that. Little does she know that she always makes my day with her writing, her photos, her basic outlook on life. She’s one of those feel-good people that I tend to gravitate towards. Almost to the point of stalking.

I felt the same way about our receptionist when I was at the ol law mill firm. She was an exceptional receptionist. She was lively, she was thoughtful and kind, and oh so stylish. To watch her in action you’d wonder how the heck she made it through the cut-throat world of litigation but she did. Like a wonderful breath of fresh air. And she was a great friend, thoughtfully positive in her comments and was a ready listener for when the $#*@ hit the fan, which it did on a daily basis.

Marilyn reminds me of Miss L. Perhaps it’s because they’re both California girls. Nah, most likely it’s because they’re both the type of person you want to call friend. If I gave in to my inner Shirley MacLaine I’d say it’s because we’ve known each other in another lifetime. There are some people who are meant to be where they’re meant to be at a given time. Now, I’m not professing to know what’s going on in Marilyn’s brain. This is how I see it. It is what it is, to use a cliche that I like to use so I don’t care that it’s a cliche. And I like to use run on sentences too. But I digress.

Thank you Marilyn. Thank you for the award and thanks for sharing your insight with the blogosphere. YOU make MY day.


2 Responses

  1. Aw, thanks. Although: “She’s one of those feel-good people…” See my previous comment…HA! ;)

  2. Pppfffttt…..you don’t fool me, you’ve got a God box. ;) You are a feel good person. Sorry. :)

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