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My days start early now. Mr. Man wakes at the crack of dawn, sometimes to run, sometimes to study but always in the grand, loud way he does everything. There isn’t anything subtle about Mr. Man. I cut him slack because, well, because. He’s a man, he can’t help himself. Sexist you say? But of course! I don’t apologize. It is what it is. Did I mention that I’m cranky when I’m sleepy/tired? These involuntary early mornings take some getting used to.


This morning I took him to the 6:20 train. It’s a crowded train, crowded with people headed to their jobs in DC and from the looks on their sea of faces, they’d all like to be somewhere else. There was an air of collective discontent. As I looked at their dour faces I thought, “PPPffffttt, government workers.” Then, “That’s not a very nice thought Joelle.”

I drove off but not before narrowly escaping a head-on collision with someone racing into a parking space, hair on fire, trying to make it to the train on time thereby eliciting an expletive rather than a kind thought from my mouth. I again thought to myself, “You know, you could easily succumb to the wintry, grey, cold thought process if you let yourself. Your sour thoughts can take root and grow into one of those unpleasant little spiky weed pod thingies you saw on your run the other day. You might as well dress in black and scowl like the rest of the shlubs you’ve seen this morning. Do you want that?” I won’t tell you what I told myself. In my own defense, I hadn’t had coffee.

I had to get rid of those thoughts so I made coffee, fed the dogs then headed downstairs to create this teeny 2 x 2 watercolor and ink piece, just enough to get it out, not too big to give my grey feelings any further credence. Sounds simple and trite but it worked for me.

Enjoy the day my keiki. Love to all, be good, be brave.

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6 Responses

  1. i love this sweet little piece. and i really enjoyed hearing where it stemmed (no pun intented) from.

    the hubster is exceptionally loud as well and i’m also cranky in the morning, so you’re not alone there! :-)

  2. so thoughtful leah. :) it really does help to know that i’m not alone with the cranky thing; i can tell my kiddos mom isn’t the only one. ;)

  3. You know, I’m often cranky with or without coffee. It is usually of my own making because I analyze too much the actions of others. For instance: 1. why are you racing to work? 1a. And was it necessary in the completion of that insanity to walk/drive right in front of me without so much as a “pardon me”? 2. When did common courtesy die? Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make you(me) feel little.

    But then again, Miss Manners (and Eleanor Roosevelt) says that people make you feel a certain way because you allow them to.

    Very cute watercolor. :) It’s a little square smile.

  4. We’re simpatico Claire. I’m over-analytical/critical about the actions of others. I need to learn to “let go”. Seems so much easier.

    You and Eleanor, very smart cookies. ;)

    Thanks for the kind words missy.

  5. I love your m’amuse! If it had been me grumbling in that situation…I might have caught myself…after saying really ugly things about everyone in my head…and appending them with…”if I were to judge…” My mother and I started doing that years ago after having bitchfests on the phone…we’d rant and rant and rant about someone or something…and then there’d be a pause…and the ranter would add, “if I were to judge….” :)

  6. I use, “In my opinion.” accompanied by a “sniff”. And you know, my opinion matters to the masses…

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