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When did I last write?! Oh yeah…a while ago. I’m thinking my desire to write has disappeared for many reasons including some that I shouldn’t share here because it wouldn’t change things to do so. Anyhoo, I’ve held on to the hope that 2008 is going to be different, that I’ll stick to a few important resolutions, that I’ll quit whining and try to capture moments on my little Optio 10 even though I’d rather use the GiNorMous SLR that I don’t have, that I’ll get my act together and communicate with people rather than live the life of a recluse as I have done in 2007 (it’s made me fat, literally) that I’ll do something in the service of my community instead of complaining about things. This morning I’m feeling it’s all possible, it’s all within my reach.

SO! 2008, the year of changes-Jill graduates from high school, S graduates from language school, we move to South America….and I capture it all on a regular basis, at least that is my intention. Oh and I write to my cousin in France-he’s mad at me for not responding to an email. My bad. My VRAIMENT bad. I think this is the year I learn to stop the procrastination.

Warmest wishes to all for the coming year! Mucho aloha my keiki! Muchos besos a todos!

Listening to: Regina Spektor – My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year) [Non-Album Track]


2 Responses

  1. Right back at’cha re Happy New Year wishes to you and yours! I can’t wait to see how your South American adventure will unfold in all its gloriousness. :) P.S. Love the photo…love seeing little slices of your world. xoxo

  2. Thanks Marilyn. :) I think you’ll see more photos than writing, it’s quick and dirty. ;)

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