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Just a Question


What was going on in the mind of Mori Chack when he created Gloomy bear and poor Pitty? Smith brought this home yesterday after buying it for his sister. In the ensuing discussion with Smither, I walked the thin line between making him feel foolish about his purchase (HE thought it was cool) and expressing my thoughts on bloody Christmas gifts. I’ve seen Gloomy before and I get the “artistic” avenue however, I think it’s inappropriate for Christmas. The girl-child wouldn’t get it anyway.  Smith and I looked at Gloomy in her box, giggled a bit and decided we’d keep it for the two of us. It’s an UN-Christmas present.

I Googled Mori Chack and found a Wikipedia (who DOESN’T have a Wikipedia page?) page with info; I thought I’d share this info to balance out the sugary sweetness of the season. For the grinch in you. Or me. Mostly me.

I’m feeling grinchy.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve never heard of Gloomy Bear.

    But I can sympathise as my brothers do the same thing. I’ve been guilty before so I can’t say much, but didn’t buy the all-terrain scuff shoes for them this year.

    Good for y’all keeping it for yourselves.

  2. Isn’t it an ugly little cuss?! Unbelievable that people pay $30 for that thing.

    I’m not sure where Smith gets his fascination for all thing macabre but I’ve always felt as his mother,I should foster his individuality. I’m thinkin’ I’ve gone overboard in that vein. I had to rein him in this time. ;)

    All-terrain scuff shoes….sounds interesting! :)

  3. Hello!

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