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Aloha Friday

Another week over. I’m happy about that. A week from hades. My father goes into surgery today and hopefully there’ll be good news when it’s all over.

I’m going to play a game here that I used to play with the kiddos when they were younger. Sweet & Sour. For the uninitiated, the goal of the game is to get a stranger to smile or wave at you. Generally this game is played in the car, you smile or wave at the occupants of a neighboring car. Anyway…my game here is a variant of Sweet & Sour. Hopefully at the end of the game I’ll have more Sweets than Sours. Here we go:

1. I got booted from S’s Spanish class-Sour or rather...Amargo!

2. Read some insightful blogs and finished a book in my ongoing quest to finish 10 fiction books before the end of the year-Sweet.

3. Talked to a BFF last night for a long time, grabbing a moment to laugh-Sweet!

4. Talked S into watching “Snowcake” with me even though he didn’t want to. -Sweet! (Loved that movie btw-Sweet!)

5. Had to open the boy-child’s bedroom door to put away some clean clothes and keeled over in distress at what I found behind that door. – Sour. (Minor yes, but sour none the less)

6. Listened to Andy Garcia read Pablo Neruda’s “Tonight I Can Write”. Beautiful man-sweet! Beautiful voice-sweet! He’s just sweet. A triple sweet…

7. Family issues-Sour.

8. Girl child came home from her job at Hallmark with a stuffed cow for me. Sweet…and too darn cute.

9. Dad goes into surgery-Sour.

10. Headed out for a long walk with the dogs. Sweet and greatly needed.

6 Sweets, 4 Sours. Not as bad a week as I was thinking. That’s better.

Have a wonderful day my keiki! Love to all, be good, be brave.

Listening to: Bela Fleck, Mike Marshall & Edgar Meyer – Sliding Down


2 Responses

  1. Sending good wishes for your Dad. For a week that seemed to contain so many odd sour moments, it ended up really sweet. :)

  2. Thanks Marilyn. Dad’s doing well. It DID have more sweets than sours. Makes me happy. :)

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