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Sacred Life Sunday


I’m jumping on the Sacred Life Sunday bandwagon. I feel it’s time to lift my spirits out of the doldrums in which I’ve been wallowing for quite some time. Really, if I want to think about it, for years. I’m not saying I’ve moped about morose and unlivable but I haven’t exactly been Miss Suzy Sunshine either. I’m done with it.

I find the little things pleasurable, my sacred trinkets, reminders of good friends, good times, things that make me smile. In college my roommate told me I had a cluttered bookcase. It was, it was cluttered with my favorite books in the shelves, my favorite trinkets on the top along with Mr. Bill, the Siamese fighting fish S gave me. It was cluttered with special things- special in their talisman-like allure. To this day I continue to hoard my special little trinkets like the postcard I bought at the National Gallery of Art several months ago, and the vase given to me by a friend who is no longer as close to me as she once was. Yet, I keep the vase because at one time she was pretty darn special and I like to remember how much fun she was. The coffee mug isn’t so special but the coffee this morning was. And coffee, coffee IS sacred. Especially on a Sunday when I can savor it and linger here in my office to write in my journal and enjoy the “just being” thing which I so sorely need.

So yeah, Sacred Sunday…now on Oui Ma Fifi! Enjoy your Sunday my keiki, love to all. Be good, be brave.


3 Responses

  1. What I love about Sacred Life Sunday is that it can be whatever one wants it to be. And given that I can be one who gets filled with dread over the thought of the weekend ending (smile), I can use a little help in remembering to make Sunday sacred.

    This post made me think of a spot in our house…and I posted a photo for you here…


  2. Thanks for that Marilyn. :) Bookshelf alters are wonderful…really and truly.

  3. […] thefirstrule.wordpress.com/2007/11/25/sacred-life-sunday/ […]

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