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No Fuss, No Muss

Just the rich red colorblue color, I’ve changed the template again, my words & photos. For now. I’m in one of those moods.

I’ve decided to have a revolving “Most Enjoyable” blogroll. In the last few weeks I’ve found some great blogs and I’d like to share them but if I put them all out there one or two might get missed and I don’t want that. (The font size in this template is a wee bit small…)

S & I start language school next week in DC. It’ll be full-time, full immersion, no holds barred Spanish. The pressure to learn the language isn’t as great for me as it is for him so I’ll be picking up the slack in our daily running of the household while he studies his okole off. My posts will be sporadic and I’ll use my former writing time to do other things like, pull out my hair and spank the kids. Well, you know, figuratively speaking of course.

Anyway, I’d like to direct you to Marilyn’s blog “The Land of Moo.” Marilyn’s vibrant personality shines through her writing. She’s honest and articulate and I love that in a blog. She offers a plethora of information and fun stuff! Go. Read!

I blogged about Tangled Wings a few days ago but I think she’s worth mentioning again. Lovely blog, lovely words, lovely photos. A “feel good” blog.

Zena Musings– Along the spiritual track. I don’t want to emphasize the fact that the author of this blog is a recovering alcoholic because that isn’t the most important aspect of her blog. I admire her ability to write about the alcoholism and I admire her two years of sobriety. Maybe it’s my Pollyanna outlook on life that is satisfied when reading although it appears that her road has been a bumpy one. She sends out positive energy in spite of the bumps. I really like that. Another feel good blog.

I think the timing is perfect that I’ve found these blogs to read. I need more positive energy right now. Life is a bit in turmoil and I gather strength from reading positive things from positive people. It helps and I truly thank them for writing and sharing.


2 Responses

  1. Look at your pretty new look! You’re very kind–thank you for the mention. Looking forward to reading about your immersion experience! (The junior high where I work has our district’s only secondary Spanish immersion program–they have 3 immersion classes per day.)

  2. You are a sweetie Marilyn. :) Next week, when I speak Spanish poorly, I’ll count on you to set me straight. :)

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