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Aloha Friday

Wow, my posts are few and far between these days. That’s not good. It’s times like these which bring me to a realization that time stops for no man, I mean woman so do whatcha gotta do, full speed ahead.

I’ve been reading the State Dept. Report regarding South America and what I can expect while living there. Aside from the formalities, I’ve got to figure out what we’re taking and what to leave behind. The other day I found myself staring at the inside of my pantry wondering if I should take all my spices and things. Can you get Thai curry paste over there?! I stood there for a good five minutes before realizing that I was day dreaming. I’m overwhelmed I think.

And then there’s the issue of my household stuff, apparently the house in which we’ll be living is furnished so I don’t have to worry about taking my things. On the other hand, I’m not going anywhere without my books. The conversation with S over that issue was equal to bartering in a bazaar in India. “You can take one bookcase full.” “WHA?! No, three, I’ll bring my own bookcases. And you know that’ll kill me because I’ve got books all over this house. How will I choose?!” “Okay, two bookcases full. It says here they provide one bookcase and you can bring one of your own.” Dang. According to the State Dept report, the nearest library is an eight hour drive from where we’ll be. How will I live.

I’m not even going to get into the medical issues because my best friend is already telling me she won’t allow me to go and all I’ve told her thus far is that there are open sewers. Of course she can always do some research on her own about it all but she’s a busy woman, it may slip her mind to do that.

I’m also worried about the dogs. I’m worried about the close proximity to the jungle, the prey animals, the disease and such things. Not to mention, where am I going to find a place that sells IAMS chunky dog food?! I suppose I could ship a two year supply along with the household stuff. I can’t imagine leaving them here with a family member. Georgie seems to thrive on having us all close and snuggly. She’s happy when we’re all together in a pile on the floor in front of the fireplace. We’re knee-deep in a love affair. Bear on the other hand, while we all love him, he’d follow the next guy for a fistful of kibble. That doesn’t change the fact that I’ll keep him as long as I can. (I won’t give him to the boy-child even though technically Bear is his dog because I know the boy-child has more important things to do than take care of his dog) I’m not happy about putting them in a kennel to fly 16 hours in storage either.

After the initial excitement comes the reality. It’s time to get my affairs in order, to update the will, to appoint a power of attorney in the US, to make choices I would not normally make. I’ve become fairly complacent in my life; this move in all its enormity is exciting and scary all at once. (Yeah, you should read the packet on evacuation in case of a military coup, kidnapping, blah, blah, bladdity blah.) Flippant, I know. I tend to get that way when I shove the bad stuff from my mind.

Bottom line, after I get the kiddos settled I’ll be fine and I’ll head out there because deep down, while I like my creature comforts, I like an adventure more. The dog issue will work itself out and I’ll make do with the household goods situation so pass me the bug-spray….mama’s going on a field trip.

Love to all my keiki. Be good, be brave.


2 Responses

  1. I, for one, am thrilled about your ‘adventure’ and can’t wait to read about all that awaits you!

  2. You, Ms Marilyn, are an adventurer! You’ll have to tell me all about living in a tropical climate.

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