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Aloha Saturday, Or, Completely Copped From Deb R.

Before I start I must say that when stuck for things to write about here on this blog I gravitate toward the easy meme. I don’t think I know of any other blogger with a greater library of memes than Deb over at Red Shoe Ramblings. I don’t know her other than what I’ve gleaned from reading her blog although I do find her amusing and whimsical. Must be the red. Anyhoo.

Today Deb’s meme, Two by Two:

Two Names You Go By:
1) Joelle- This seems to be a terrifically hard name for people to pronounce (with a soft J) so when introduced to strangers I sometimes say, call me,

2) Jo

Two Things You’re Wearing Right Now:

Gads, I’m envisioning someone on the other end of the telephone line….
I’m wearing, 1) jeans and 2) a soft black button-up long sleeve shirt.

Two of Your Favorite Things To Do:
1) Read
2) Watch a period piece on the big screen in a darkened theater, i.e. Elizabeth or you know, one of the Pirate movies with that Depp guy.

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:

1) A DSL camera, preferably a Canon Rebel.
2) For a certain family member to get her act together.

Two Favorite Pets You’ve Have/Had:
I’m not a dog person but:

1) Georgie girl has my heart. She’s indescribable in her antics. I love her.
2) Sir Edmond Hilary Dog, our old Bassett hound. He was such a sweetie but I didn’t realize that until he was gone. Makes me incredibly sad. Hug your dogs.

Two Things You Ate Today:

1) Clam Chowder
2) PB & J sandwich. Comfort food.
Two People You Last Talked To:

1) S- And talked and talked and talked….
2) The boy child. I made him give me a hug, he uses the house as a hotel so I wanted to make sure he understands I’m not a hotel manager nor a maid. I hope the guilt trip worked.

Two Things You’re Doing Tomorrow:

1) Going through the basement and organizing things to get ready for the move.

2) Having wild passionate sex. (If you say it, it happens right?!)

Two Longest Car Rides:

1) Petaluma, CA to Crofton, MD. In the summer. Eating iceberg lettuce throughout the Midwest and enjoying things I’ve only read about in books.
2) Sevilla, Spain to Volmerange-les-mines, France. In the ole Belvedere station wagon fighting with my two siblings over the window seat. I’m sure that car ride was longer for my mother than it was for me.

Two Favorite Holidays:

1) Halloween-Always and forever. Not for the candy- for the excitement!
2) Fourth of July- Parades, fireworks, corn-0n-the-cob, potato salad, music, everything that I identify with my dad’s family. Then, ten days later, Bastille day. More good food, more familial identification. July’s a good month for my Franco-American self.

Two Favorite Beverages:

1) Coffee. Black.
2) Wine. I love wine. While my preference leans towards French wine there are some really good wines coming out of California. There. I said it. It’s true.

I thank you Deb for providing me with something to write about after a long break. It’s a good segue into the big news regarding my leaving the east coast which I’ll post about tomorrow. It’s mind-boggling and I’m not sure if I’m able to articulate my feelings about it.

Love to all. Be good. Be brave.

Listening to: The Wailin’ Jennys – Long Time Traveller


4 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you did this meme – it was fun to read your answers! :-)

  2. Not to be dense, but what’s a soft J sound like?

  3. Thanks Deb! Tis always fun to read your memes….

    Bazl! I’ve missed ya.

    You aren’t dense. The soft J is the French pronunciation and you’d think my parents would have taken that into consideration when they gave me the name. Soft J sounds like Zaza (Gabor), unlike the hard J in Joe.

    I can always tell when S is angry with me when he uses the hard J. It’s disconcerting. ;)

  4. That’s what I was guessing.

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