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You bring out the child in me…

  They say you can’t go home again but with the arrival of the “Frenchies” or as I prefer to call them, “Mes Cousins..” I’m finding that I don’t have a choice but to revert to old patterns or, childish behavior, when in the presence of my childhood partner in crime. As does he.

Joelle” he chants in the sing-song way of the French, “Do you remember…?” I fill in the blanks as the memories come flooding back from the recesses of my brain. My rusty French is deplorable so I can only laugh & say “Oui!” “Why you don’t speak?!” he asks me in his equally-as-rudimentary English. I find it easier to understand my cousins than to speak to them. They’ve noticed & commented on this fact…much to my embarrassment.

Here’s a blurry photo of the two of us doing what we do best, goofing off and as I’m looking at it I’m thinking, “Yeah, blurry’s good, gah.


Cut to 8/28/2007

I’m so far behind in my posting partly because I’m trying to get the girl-child ready for her senior year, partly because I haven’t been in the mood to write. Daily activities seem so mundane, too mundane to write about, so, there ya are. The biggest news of late is Miss J’s entry into college life. She’s splitting her days between her high school and the JC. Yesterday was her first day at the college.
Me: Dang, I forgot to give you the sign.
Her: What? What sign.
Me: The sign that tells everyone you’re jail bait. Just don’t forget to let the guys know, you’re still in high school.
Her: Gah. Yeah, like I plan to have a social life here.

And that my dears, is a lesson in bursting a young girl’s thoughts of her own maturity. In hindsight, I probably should not have said that but I feel it’s worse to let things go unsaid sometimes.

Today I’m contemplating taking the college course with Miss J. She didn’t scream out “NO!” when I told her what I was thinking. That’s a good sign.

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